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What is an internship?

'An internship can change your life', says everyone who has ever done any meaningful internship. Everything you need to know about internships is here and after reading this you'll know why doing internships is so crucial to your career.

Now, why you should do an internship?

  • Because work ex-matters – 44 out of 100 employers value relevant work experience more than any other qualifications while recruiting (Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education). Also, getting experience will do wonders to your confidence during any job interview.
  • Because it allows you to apply classroom knowledge in real life situations – Internships give you a way to utilize your knowledge base, and expand it, by applying it in situations where the outcome is not the number of marks you score in an exam but something that could affect a whole company.
  • Because many students don’t know what they want – Internships can be used as tools to identify, or at times even discover, what you would be good at. Say, you are hired as a marketing intern at a company and that exposed you to content writing (marketing through articles), something that you loved and may eventually think of making a career out of it.
  • Because it opens many doors – Your mentor at the previous internship might put in a word for you with your next employer because she happens to know her. Likewise, an internship could open many doors for you. Even a recommendation letter works wonders at places.
  • Because you might earn college credit and even money – Many colleges, going alongside the industrial demands, now mandate internships. Working at the office instead of studying for a theory paper is much better, isn’t it? Additionally, you will earn your pocket money for college days. How cool is that!